0.0-WH Games

Wormholes are becoming a nice place where to get some good battles. Their main strength is not to find juicy targets through ganking and eviction, but rather to provide access to the entire EvE Universe.
You can be 2 Jumps away from Jita and 3 Jumps away from Cache at the same time.This is what happened to us last Wednesday … nothing really exceptional but this is how WH mechanics work.


The Usual Business

After buying some stuff in EvE’s main Hub, 4 of us went roaming around Great Wildlands and Cache.
Some Solar Fleet gangs are quickly spotted but each gang largely outnumbers us and a frontal engagement is not possible. For the next 30 minutes, it turns into a real “cat and mouse” game.
A few kills are grabbed until we decide to go further as they are starting to show nice stuff.


Prelude : The Escalation

We keep playing with them, setting bubbles and escaping their traps. Slowly, we draw them to the system leading to the “Unknown space”.
At this point we switch to 3x DPS T3s, waiting for them in the 0.0 at the wormhole entrance, with a Thanatos ready for back up.
Whatever their number, we are now able to fight them with on our terms, on our own field. When WH Space crosses Empire Space, the known rules don’t apply anymore.
As expected, they finally probe our 3 guys after a few minutes.


2.15: Round 1 – First Blood

A dozen BC/BS warp at 0 to us in the 0.0 at the wormhole entrance. Our thanatos also warps to the wormhole on the other side but does not jump.
The fight starts and we manage to kill a Cynabal and a Vagabond. As some of us are 10% armor and other fully neutralized, we jump back to get repaired by the Thanatos. The Solar Fleet doesn’t follow, giving us a short break.
This is where I join the fleet with a Proteus, while other T3s quickly refit for cap injectors.


2.40: Round 2 – The Jumping Dance

It’s time to come back to the battle. We have 4x DPS T3s and the Solar Fleet has around 15 pilots.
Two kills of Hurricane later, we jump back into the “Unknown” once more. The Solar Fleet realize they can’t kill anything that way so they decide to follow us, trying to do the same thing. We are now fighting in WH space. A Machariel and a few of them immediatly take range, but fall under our guns.
We are holding their DPS. It doesn’t work for them. They jump back and affect the wormhole mass significantly. Without losing time, we follow them into the 0.0 and kill another Hurricane. Their number has doubled to reach around 30 Pilots, with 4 Scimitars.
We can’t kill much and their DPS is more significant. As usual we jump back one by one when we hit 10% armor.


3.00: Round 3 – The “Collapse Trap”

With 3 times our numbers, they are determined to finish us.
Their entire fleet jumps through behind us, putting the WH into a critical stage. Awesome. Not so nice in fact: with this WH bonus (C5 Cataclysmic), their 4 scimitars gain 85% strength on their remote repairs, while our carrier gets a -41% malus on his self-repair. Our Triage Thanatos is slowly going down to 50% armor.

Fortunately, smelling them coming, one of our Legion has switched to a Bhaalgorn and 2 Jamming Tengu pilots join us on the field. The Scimitars are now neutralized or jammed and their fleet is left with no repairs.
But they learnt from last round, and like we previously did, they jump back one by one on structure, to avoid losses. Realizing that, after their last Scimitar jumps back, we switch to their Tempest to affect the WH mass as much as possible.
We also notice on TS that we don’t have many points and regret the lack of bubble … At this exact time, a Solar Fleet Sabre jumps into the WH and bubbles it up. It seems the Wormhole Gods listened to our prayers.
As expected, one by one, 3 of their focused BS jump back and end up collapsing the WH.

The link is broken and they are now trapped with us into the “Unknown” without any repairs. Helped by the bubble, we get some more kills while most of their fleet manage to warp out in safes.