R&K versus NorCorp


Yesterday our dashboard was showing a nice activity in C6s. There were more than 10% active C6 systems, involving kills or massive jumps. Collapsing our C6 static WH every 5 minutes would give us a very strong chance to find something interesting.

Half an hour after we start, our scout jumps into J122249, a C6 Red Giant giving strong bonus to overheat and smartbombs. One POS on scan, few jumps in the last hour, nothing else… While the collapse team is about to do their job, our scout shouts on TS:

“Hold on! 2x Hurricanes. Not at the Tower. Norcorp!”

Well, our scout doesn’t have super-powers allowing him to know the corporation of a ship with the directional scanner only. Many corporations use a tag on their ship names. Since Norcorp tried to invade us a few months earlier (helped by Aperture Harmonics), we immediatly recognize them thanks to their characteristic “flower”.


Who is baiting who?

Norcorp probably have their home system close to this one. We know that they don’t hesitate to fight and they can be very strong opponents (they defeated an Aperture Fleet a few days ago).

The Hurricanes are probed down quickly and our cloaky Proteus warps to them. They are mining Gas (a very juicy activity in WH space). Both get tackled and we also bring in a “Disgruntled Ninja” Phobos on the field. We start shooting them slowly, waiting for something more to happen.

After a few minutes only, the scan swells up … Archon, 2x Legion, 2x Bhaalgorn, 2x Absolution, Tengu, few BC … They formed up very quickly.

“Here we go, everybody Jump, warp to Curufin!”

By the time we jump, they are already on the field shooting at our Proteus. The warp is not so long, but it takes more than a minute for an Archon to align/warp/land. With more than 15 of them on the field, our Proteus is taking a lot of damage. Removing the drones’ DPS with his smartbombs while overloading his hardeners, the ship should be able to make it (especially since the WH gives bonus on that).


Both sides enter the fray with drums beating and flags flying

And so it was. Our entire fleet lands on the field and the Triage Archon starts repping our Proteus at 20% armor.

First, we try to put their Tengu down quickly. But they also have a Triage Archon doing his job very well. We immediately switch to him. With 2x Bhaalgorn on our side, we are pretty confident. But the task is not so easy and more reinforcements are arriving on their side.

They now have 3x Bhaalgorn, 2x Energy Guardian to feed them, a Scorpion and a Jamming Tengu, with many jamming drones … They know that energy is the key to win this fight and they immediately start to neutralize/jam our Bhaalgorns, and then our Triage.

Without our Bhaalgorns, we don’t have the DPS to put their Triage down and it’s just a matter of time until we lose everything. The situation is bad. They are outnumbering us (around 15vs20), they have more neutra and they have jam. We have to adapt ourselves … quickly.

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A Battle of Energy
Using the Refitting Services of the carrier, our fleet goes for more cap boosters and eccm, while our Bhaalgorns are sending energy to each other. Our carrier capacitor is going down but with a fine capacitor management, he is able to feed the Bhaalgorns and most of the fleet. We also have a neutralizing Legion who appears to be a very nice joker to harass their Bhaalgorns.

The energy battle is turning out very well. Their Archon is now at 0% capacitor, while our own is at around 35%. All DPS modules and every single drone are pointed at the Archon. Even if we now have the energy advantage, we are burning all our cap boosters while dealing with the jam. We have no time, we can’t hold eternally.

Once their Archon reached structure, NorCorp knew it was over and prepared to leave. Their Bhaalgorn started to neutralize our entire fleet to break the webs and points. Half of them succeeded in taking distance and warped out, while others fell under our guns.

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With no more Cap Boosters in our cargoholds, we now have a lot of space to loot the field, hoping for some nanite repair paste to fix our outdamaged modules.