R&K versus AHARM


Since Clarion Call 3, we’ve ganked them quite a few times, but never had the opportunity to get a proper fight against Aperture.

On Wednesday, we open a WH onto a neutral system: J153217, no effect. Our scout immediately shoots the scan: “Moros, Archon, Revelation, Bhaalgorn, Guardian, 7x Loki, 3x Legion … Aperture!”

The key word is given. Everyone is prepared. We have to get a fight.


While our scout lands at their POS, an Archon and their T3s warp out and disappear. We quickly probe a WH in that direction. An “Exhale” (another great WH corporation) is spotted there and seen jumping to the other side. We don’t really know what is happening on the other side and decide not to jump and stay cloaked. But if Exhale is fleeting with AHARM, the fight can quickly turn into a nightmare for us. Moreover, we don’t know what AHARM is doing here and we don’t know if they can log more capitals and pilots in their staging system.

So, here is the situation:

After a few seconds of calm, we order the Phobos to jump in J153217, warp to the WH close to the AH fleet and cloak up. A few minutes later, an Orca lands from the AH POS on the WH and jumps through. For sure, they are going to collapse it.

Early in the week, we met AHARM in another neutral system, with a massive fleet awaiting on their static. Despite their numbers, they chose to affect the mass of their Wormhole. This time, we were to make sure the fight would happen.

As expected, their T3s jump back the one after the other and warp back to their POS. Of course, we can uncloak the Heavy Interdictor and bubble them up, but they might as well avoid us again by jumping back to the other side. Therefore we decide to wait for the Archon, wait for the WH to be collapsed, once no escape can be granted. No way out… a fight to death.

And it works. Once their Archon appears on grid, we immediately bubble up and tackle the few ships present on the field. The hunters became the prey… We warp our fleet in, while on their side they warp their T3s, dreads and Bhaalgorn back to the battlefield.

Their dreads immediately focus our Moros, who is slowly going down. They have twice our DPS, and there is no way we can tank their dreads. We have to make it fast. Despite some jamming drones harassing them, our Bhaalgorns manage to work well through AHARM Archon’s capacitor. Due a tank-oriented fit, his capacitor burns out fast. In order to pressure their Carrier further, we start focusing their T3s. With almost no capacitor left for the Carrier, AHARM wrecks start to fill the overview.

But suddenly, their dreads figure out that one of our Bhaalgorns has no speed. A perfect target for their guns. In 4 seconds, the Bhaalgorn loses 80% of his armor. A second before the next deadly alpha, the rep arrives and keeps him safe.

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Our dread is around 50%. We manage to kill a few T3s and their Bhaalgorn, but their capitals are still alive and kicking. With no more capacitor, their Archon quickly goes down; now we can switch to their support while our Bhaalgorns are draining their dreads dry.

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Now promised to death, alone and without rep, some of their T3s manage to escape. The Revelation is destroyed, leaving a single Moros on the Battlefield. Most probably by mistake, he activates the self-destruction of his ship. To avoid him such an alarming wait, we overload our guns and succeed to wipe him off in less than 2 minutes.

Small gang, nice ships popped, massive ISK engaged, great fight. This is all about Wormhole space.


Curufin Feanor

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