Tabula rasa


Khanid region, Homroon constellation, Neda solar system
Temperate planet III, “Gaïssa”
Finju continent, Kenir town


She looked up, wildly. Her little hands promptly joined with the zeal only children would show. She tried to shut her eyes tight despite her burning curiosity… Another one! Chiyo gazed heavenwards, and it almost seemed the fiery trail had delved its intensity into the depths of her wide chestnut eyes. She stared until the glow phased out beyond the atmosphere, until the mild breeze against her flushing cheeks brought her down planetside. Gone. She picked up the plush pony and lifted it up close to her face, looking in its black button eyes that stared at her attentively and rehearsed,

‘Daddy says they are shooting stars that were once human.’

Chiyo didn’t really understand, but it felt beautiful. Some boys at school had brought pictures of the giant ships that could travel in the sky. They pretended the shooting stars that traversed her eyes were mountains of metal. But they didn’t know what she knew. She knew that the stars ‘were once human’. She knew the individual meaning of each of these words, and it made sense to her that they were awe in her father’s line.

The boys were trading the pictures of the metal shooting stars for valuable things, but even her dear belongings were not enough to trade. So she wished on and on. She wished to the shooting stars, and a shooting star lit up Neda III’s every milky morning sky. And she had never dared missing a prayer, for fear they would not come the next morning. So there she was, clutching her confidant, innocence clutching her, and the star shooting.

‘You think they can see us from up there?’

She paused, gauging Gerd’s trustworthiness, and reckoned she may tell him, in the end. Her voice was almost a whisper now. ‘You know Gerd, Daddy says they will come for us one day. Maybe… maybe I’ve been good enough this year?’

The pony stayed silent.




Ginko looked up from his datapad, worriedly. He caught sight of the vanishing trail of the day delivery rocketed into orbit from the Murdan launchpad based out a few hundred miles away from Kenir, their home town on Gaïssa, Neda’s third and temperate planet. The transport ship must have flown by a few minutes ago.  It would never cease to amaze him how ugly things could look beautiful when seen from a distance. In the end everything was a matter of distance, wasn’t it? The sound of galloping gales of laughter startled him. Chiyo was still in sight, playing with her favourite plush animal. That rag was never leaving her side. He’d rather have her sit quietly on a chair next to him, reading a kids book or drawing stick horses rather than rambling all around. Six legs were much more trouble than two, especially when four belonged to a rabid horse. And yes, he did have to admit to his merciless wife he was bearing some sort of grudge against the what-the-hell-was-its-name-anyway stuffed guy. He grinned. That kid was so much fun; the bureaucratic plight that was looming over his head suddenly seemed less upsetting when he looked at her. He focused back on the datapad.

Damn, how were you even supposed to address a Capsuleer? Dear Madam? Mrs Capsuleer? Your Highness? He chuckled to himself. It was the first time ever he had had to deal with such an issue and he was as clueless as a stuffed animal. He would have thrown in the towel for a game of chess with Jude, but his wife was probably spying from behind a window, ready to intercept any escape attempt, and he was not that desperate yet to trigger the blames of a woman. Damn, she knew him too well. For now, there he was, stuck with this datapad and a flock of sighs.

All he had to do was courteously refuse the Capsuleer’s offer. They didn’t want to give up their town to the workforce coming over to keep up maintenance of the fourteen brand new extractors that had been deployed in the close vicinity of Kenir. They wouldn’t leave and they didn’t want the monstrous machines either on their land. It might have sounded pretty basic to him the day before, but now he was realizing the scale of his task. What an idiot he had been to say ‘yes’ right off the bat… Make your woman happy and proud, they say… Well fuck it! He just felt too low; he was a mere planet rat after all, and these dudes were roaming the galaxies. Could he really say ‘no’ and leave it at that? Really? He didn’t have the guts to take responsibility for that freaking form: that was the whole hated truth, screaming its absent words on the blank screen of his datapad.

The air breezing on the veranda was lukewarm; it was only seven in the morning and the air around town was already feeling cramped and tepid. Probably because of the titanic battleship-class vessel stationed over their heads. He looked up again. It would have been exciting if it hadn’t felt that threatening. In their remote patch of space on the fringe of the Khanid Kingdom, they didn’t get many visitors, even less Capsuleers… although a few convoys of humanitarian help and reckless traders stopped by at times. They had chosen the backbreaking life of low security space colonists, and solitude had never weighed heavier on their shoulders than these last few days.

He started typing the answer with as much conviction his reluctant fingers would offer.




She read the form once more. Her mouth convulsed into a furtive smirk.

That pathetic idiot.

She loved the predicament of destruction, when hope met with a point of no return, as much as she loathed encountering incompetence at close quarters. She studied him silently, staring at his imperfect face with a tinge of disgust. The man was wavering between that typical arrogant confidence humans would affect when faced with defeat and the painful confusion dominance would instil in their flesh and mind. He was waiting, trying to gather the audacity to speak first, but the conjuncture would not arise for him, all resilience would be crushed, victory was not for his kind.

The Khanid robes of a female servant rustled against the floor as the luscious silks pervaded the cold of the room behind him, and the man stiffened. Eleanore assessed the small figure apace: that slave was all velvety profusion creeping over deviance. That new personal servant was definitely much better; she’d remember to ask her name later. The Khanid girl moved two glasses forward to them, gave a polite bow and walked off silently. Inch by inch, the doors yielded to the slave’s efforts, their creaking yawn only disturbed by the soft rustling of the dress that struggled with the massive weight. Inch by inch, the looming obscurity filled the too brightly lit office until the man’s body became a burlesque epitome of stark contrast. From behind the wide onyx desk, Eleanore savoured the unexpected piece of art.
The hinges’ whimper blurred the shadows away and light regained absolute sovereignty. They were alone.

She saw him peer at the large holographic projection of New Eden which was floating around the room, flashing its tiny glows in intricate patterns over the map, summoning chartered space into intent. An intent in which there is no room for the likes of you. When ordering her Abaddon hull from Zoar and Sons, Eleanore had ordered this room built in for a few more million ISK. The manufacturing company may have become a shadow of what it used to be in the time of old Zoar, but at least they were now much more accommodating with customers’ personal requests. She would probably have inner sanctuaries settled in most of her ships. As a Capsuleer, the more time went by, undifferentiated and absurd in itself, the more she felt displaced in the world that had once borne her. Planets had become too small, too confined within physical boundaries. Even stations had become somewhat repelling. She never felt more unrestricted than when narrowly connected to the multiple wires of her capsule, when entangled to the multiple dimensions of space.

But she still had to deal with physical matters. And on that day, the room was perfect for her business. She stood up and spoke loud and clear.

‘Mr Leikahn Ginko, thank you for coming to see me.’

Of course he had not, but her word was his polite will. She had demanded the officially appointed representative to come onboard the Prestige, her battleship-class Abaddon. The one who had written that irksome drivel of course. She could feel the implant slot at the base of her skull sending twinges of magnetic resonance in her back as her impatience fused with anger. Her fingers tapped commands on the keypad and the wall behind her displayed a transmission of the form. He twitched.

‘This is the reason I asked you to come, I suppose you figured out that much by yourself.’ She paused and sat down again behind the desk, ‘So now, if I may, tell me what strange stream of unconsciousness led you to think your opinions matter to my Corporation.’




That bitch!

His fists clenched over his most expensive suit, the one that had required half a year of hardship, the one that gave him a status as a representative, a reason, a face, a name… just for that Capsuleer woman and against all of their community’s principles. Ginko pushed them further under the cover of the desk, away from her icy eyes and his burning shame.

Her temperate… How could they call Gaïssa their own planet? His family had been living in this confined world for three generations now; they were from the first wave of settlers who had been building this human colony, away from the deep rifts that were slowly eating at New Eden’s heart, on the fringe of the Khanid Kingdom. How ever you’d look at it, they had been successful, managing to balance their sedentary lifestyle with the dangerous ways of Low Security space, away from the omniscient protection of CONCORD. The compromise between Empires had casualties, and Low Security space sure was one. The universe had been growing too fast and too far to keep policing up with cartography. Minor significance was a minor security issue after all. As mere civilians, Ginko’s community had been relatively safe on their planet. Yet they knew the tables might turn on them at any time and they were cautious. They had built shelters underground in the hope of escaping the ruthless slaver raids that plagued lawless space. The tales told by wandering world trekkers and merchant caravans were horrendous enough to give the goosebumps to a Gallente holoreel… It had happened that spaceship debris had crashed miles away, but they had been lucky in his town till now. But the ubiquitous latent fear lived within them, every day that God would gracefully lend them. Travelling on the other hand represented great imminent danger. As soon as the beginning, they had determined they would need to stay in touch with the ever-evolving world of modern civilization. Therefore they undertook frequent journeys to High Security Empire space and its thriving trade hubs. And most of their men would come back. Ideals were exactly what they were: ideals. Although the cocoon might have felt stifling and dark at times, it was home, wasn’t it?

Their demanding but peaceful life had been treasured with jealousy, until the Capsuleers had come and claimed supremacy over the planet’s resources. They had installed gigantic pipes over the continents and stabbed the land, and the ugly wounds had borne bulky command centres. They had delved through the oceans and swallowed life out of them through enormous submersed conduits. They had wiped out the principle of the colony’s sense of belonging, of their very existence. Their demanding but peaceful life had become confined to the Finju continent. The ‘links’, as he had heard them call those pipes, had become an indigenous species of their land. That had been made clear; the pact of coexistence had been sealed.

And yet, it had not been long until his people had been summoned by the ones who had the power to threaten. The Capsuleers were planning on extending their extraction network to Finju, where precious resources had recently surfaced, and they needed space to station their workforce and intervention troops. Without any further notice, the extractor heads had been seeded all over the quiet Finju; the quest for yield unfurling its gluttonous tentacles every day deeper under their feet.

Everything had happened so fast; Kenir’s inhabitants had been completely overtaken by events that made no sense to them. They had been blinded by their humanity, even timidly welcoming who they had considered as new neighbours. How could they possibly have been more out of it? That Capsuleer sitting straight on the other side of the desk, himself waggling uncomfortably on his chair despite a paralysing apprehension: both were representatives of two worlds far apart, indulging in a dialogue of the death that would not rely on words. And he only realized that now. He had no idea. Damn, we had had no idea. Ginko blabbered confusedly and she kept tapping on a datapad with the tip of her forefinger. It was breaking his nerves. His speech was incoherent, hustled on the notes of pathos and knocking against the disharmony of aggressiveness. Helplessness was growing with the brilliance of the room. She seemed to be beaming from it.

‘So, do you understand? Do you understand how much time and money I lost trying to be good to you and your people? And how did you treat my kindness?’ She leaned a little over the desk with an amused smile. ‘Since you are the official representative for this village on my temperate planet, you will take full responsibility, like a good man.’

Why had it been their faraway system, their planet? They’d never know. They would only learn to bend their heads low and it was not like they had a choice either. The Capsuleers… the wired bats only offered agreement as choice, feeding on their obscenity like clone vats on their life simulacrum. Labyrinths were not for the Kenir people; a shake was instant death and a nod immediate life, there was no twilight path. And now, he was doing everything he was capable of doing for his town although it was all just a deadlock. Therefore, he nodded again, his mind shaking furiously.

It was too late, wasn’t it.

He suddenly stood up, knocking over his chair as his hands awkwardly banged on the desk. He turned a bit hesitatingly to pick up the chair but decided not to. What for?

She looked up and distaste painted a frown on her features. Those manners… She abhorred every single inch of his body with an irrational impression of obscenity. She definitely needed to have her social adaptation chip checked out; something was messing with her nervous system these days.

‘My workers will not thank you obviously… willingly condemning them to rough and ready prefabricated buildings… Well, everyone cannot be a patron of the little people. Let’s make a clean sweep, a tabula rasa, mmh?’

His eyes were fastened upon the Capsuleer in fascinated incredulity. Something unexpected had been kicking in their world, in their dream. And the anomaly was now staring at him, knowing there was no cure for her infectious attention. Peace was already leaving Gaïssa. ‘Why’s’ did not matter anymore; Ginko knew his present life was dying.

He saw her press the intercoms button and saw her lips move, but it was as if his ears had turned deaf. When she fell silent, his mind stopped thinking; his heart probably would have stopped beating if his body had not been relying on it so much. It was as if his mind had been engulfed in a soft bubble, in some sort of alternate world and time. He felt numb and the Capsuleer disappeared from his sight. She had ceased to exist. Now were the ship and his conscience. The instrument of death and the cause of their deaths. He floated to the window and pressed his hands flat against the crystalline. He stared into space.

Ginko watched as the monstrous Tachyon beam lasers slowly rotated their hideous heads towards the North West, towards Kenir. Ginko watched the tremendous waves of energy swell and swell until human means could not contain them any longer, until a blind spot formed in his eyes. He watched a massive streak of fire collide with the planet and gush avidly outwards. The energy had hurled from his eyes to the planet, instantly. At God speed. The houses on the surface were blasted like plastic toys and meanwhile on the battleship his feet did not even feel any recoil. Somewhere behind the ablation fumes, he knew his Town had disappeared. Thousand lives erased, million memories forgotten. All significance dried out. Love, men, hatred, children, compassion, women, fear, animals: all gone in an exquisite and radiant cascade of light.  It would never cease to amaze him how ugly things could look beautiful when seen from a distance.

The stuffed pony might have died. It had to have been torn to shreds, mutilated into thousand smithereens. From the depths of his bubble, the man broke up into hysterical laughter.



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    Believe it or not, as you grow older, the skin color can change together with your hair coloration. In the event you carry on and put on groundwork, make sure you verify it in opposition to your real skin tone to ensure that it’s nevertheless an authentic complement. The skin changes in the same way your hair alterations – the melanin degrees modify – and this way, you’ll ensure a true match for your epidermis matures.
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    An excellent idea for your unpleasant hemorrhoids is always to try using a natural way to eradicate them such as garlic herb. Garlic herb has wonderful benefits for you including taking care of hemorrhoids. Garlic clove can have an optimistic impact whether you have it orally or maybe you put it in immediate connection with the area affected.
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    A good way to keep allergic reaction in order is, to ensure that all the areas within your house are cleansed. This really is great to perform as you will restrict the level of publicity you should dirt, along with other particles that could lead to allergic reaction outbreaks. Restrict the amount of chemicals which you use by only cleaning up by using a humid cloth.


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    Locate a 2nd source of income. You may not be able to get one more job straight away, and you can not seem to have amount of time in your plan, but search for alternate resources for revenue you can do with your extra time. Even a couple of more $ $ $ $ can help pay money for fuel.


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    In case your allergic reaction are extreme, take into account replacing the rugs or flooring at home with difficult-hardwood or linoleum. Carpets and rugs will be the best destination to harbour dust particles, mites as well as other particulates that will keep your nasal area running and sneezing! Keep these things substituted or make sure they are kept thoroughly cleansed together with the vacuum and get away from the dusty carpets and rugs treatments that can also bring about your signs.

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    The best way to spend less through vouchers is to utilize their loyalty or incentives program. A great deal of periods shops will offer you rewards that you can carry on buying there therefore they will give you details. After getting enough of these things, the total amount does apply toward your following acquire.


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    If you often ingest lots of espresso, you must invest in a quality coffee maker and make your own caffeine in your house. Search for a coffee house only occasionally, as an illustration on weekends or when you are out with some buddies. This should help you save a great deal.


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    Prevent beginning any new types of credit history when you find yourself looking for a home loan loan. Whenever you sign up for credit history, for example credit cards, you will see an inquiry on your credit report. This can ultimately lower your credit history that could suggest greater rate of interest for your personal home mortgage. You need to hold back until your shutting down is finished prior to deciding to open any new outlines of credit rating.


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    To keep healthful as you may era, are aware of the facts prior to staying away from actions or exercise routines that could really get a lean body. For instance, many individuals with an era-associated predisposition to heart problems get worried that stressful exercise could result in a stroke. In fact, slowly and gradually doing work to a quick standard regimen is the easiest method to improve your overall health and prevent coronary disease.


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    The actual taste of wines originates from the odor. Scent tends to make up about 90% from the general taste of wines. The key to taking this in the wine is air. Once you pour a window of vino, swirl it in the glass. This enables the wines to mix a lot more readily using the fresh air all around it, therefore improving the flavoring fully.


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    If asthma is really significantly affecting your way of life think about joining a assist team for asthma victims. This will help know that you will be one of many. Sometimes feeling alone you may grow to be depressed in not able to adhere to medical doctors directions, and, or, always keep medical doctors appointments. As such the grade of your proper care lowers. A support group may help protect against this.


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    Giving up smoking is one essential way to guard every facet of your system as you age group. Since smoking cigarettes currently has side effects like reduced breath and decreased style, it significantly exaggerates individuals adverse reactions as they come about normally with aging. To put it differently, stopping cigarettes is an evident method to slow and decrease the effects of growing older.


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    For those who have not sent in an insurance plan state for several years, talk with your representative to ascertain if you could be qualified to receive a reduction. After a number of years without having processing claims, an insurance company wishes to make you stay all around. Use the edge you have to negotiate for any greater price.
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    Find the right balance involving modern and cozy. Ache doesn’t have to the same elegance. Because a set of shoes or boots or a lacy attire are eye appealing doesn’t imply you must put them on. Don’t just check to see if some thing matches. Before you decide to spend money, make an effort to determine whether it will be easy to put on what you are buying for prolonged amounts of time.

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    The key to take pleasure from getting older is always to acknowledge it. Instead of centering on creaky bone fragments and reduced eyesight, give focus on the happiness of growing more in love with your lover and having fun with your grandkids. Like the rest in your life, discover to focus on the positives to experience life far more.


    Ensure that you occasionally go back and strive to remember all of that you’ve learned thus far. One of the biggest difficulties people have after they first start out with web page design is because they find out a couple of stuff and end up forgetting them a few days afterwards, that may hurt their site development.


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    When you decide to look out with your family or even your close friends, try to see spots that you could not cigarette smoke. This may prevent you from consuming puffs. Try visiting a bistro or going to a movie. This really is a amazing method to process your urges, and is particularly simple enough. Just make it annoying to cigarette smoke.


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    Take care when it comes to acquiring extra riders to a new plan or an existing a single. An adviser can be pushing anyone to acquire additional riders only for the benefit of payment. Up until you completely understand what a rider can do to suit your needs, don’t purchase them. Rather, ask for a 2nd view from yet another specialist.


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    Reduce caffeine and also other stimulant drugs. An excessive amount of coffee inside a wholesome person’s diet can stimulate thoughts of anxiousness, so in somebody that is definitely battling with this disorder, it may have devastating effects. Caffeinated drinks and also other stimulating elements enhance alertness by stopping a number of chemical compounds inside the human brain, and in individuals susceptible to stress and anxiety, can cause greater heart rate, sweating hands, buzzing within the the ears, and also panic attacks.


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    Clean your apparel and the entire body right after visiting a property or accommodation which has insects. It can be every very easy to bring unwanted pests residence with you, and you need to get each safety measure to make certain that this does not occur to you personally. If you fail to thoroughly clean everything straight away it is possible to let it sit outdoors until you can.


    In case you have your juice extractor built, make the many fruits or fresh vegetables rapidly so you will not need to cease and begin throughout the juicing method. Have a look at juicing just like you were actually setting up a food. Possessing almost everything readily available before starting to prepare is definitely easier than attempting to find what you need during the process!


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    If you suffer from nervousness, among the finest things that you can do is to ingest lots of drinking water through the day. 8-10 servings of drinking water will help you to reduce the unhealthy toxins inside your body and place you in the most effective situation to be positive throughout the day.


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    A great tip when purchasing red wine in the food market would be to learn how to choose the right red wine. From the wines aisle, you’ll often get a great deal of massive jugs of wine. This sort of red wine isn’t really good so you’ll would like to go across all of those off your checklist.


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    So that you can shed weight among the finest points that you can do would be to increase activities to your time. Studies show that people that do constant pursuits such as bicycling or strolling for two to four time every week often get rid of 3 to 5 a lot more kilos annually.


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    Understand about video speeds while you are seeking to take the greatest images. Speedier movie rates of speed tend to be grainier, and fewer targeted, than more slowly pace film. Reduced pace motion picture requires considerably more gentle to adopt excellent photographs. 400 speed video is nice versatile movie whilst slow rates are greater for made up images.


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    While preparing an insurance policy state, be certain to keep in depth information of all the expenditures compensated from wallet just before syndication. It can be frequent for organization insurance coverage to incorporate repayments for state preparation expenses, although property owners can be able to negotiate as part of their ultimate state settlement compensation for job carried out to file their losses.


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    While preparing to help make changes on your property, it will be wise to offer the most info probable about property improvements. You do not have to be a carpenter to follow the tips presented in this article. These guidelines are super easy to stick to and can assist you flourish in improving your property.


    In case you are having troubles with training your dog, then you should think of your coaching schedule. Dogs are generally much more susceptible to learning for those who have an excellent routine. All you want do is always keep reiterating the instructions you want them to find out continuously and in the end they are going to buy it. Bringing you your dog that is less difficult to take pleasure from experiencing.


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    Try to eat sushi and drink miso soup to assist in your combat against malignancy. Numerous studies have been performed displaying seaweed to get beneficial in getting smaller malignancy tumors, specifically cancer of the skin tumors. Sushi and miso broth each contain seaweed. They could be a wholesome addition to your daily diet.


    Acquiring get out of information and facts from website visitors who did not buy is essential to creating the purchase the very next time. Whenever you can, make an attempt to question a person leaving behind your blog why they are accomplishing this without the need of building a obtain even when you have to provide an incentive in exchange. When someone tells you why they are not purchasing, you may be able to create the alterations required to ensure the subsequent purchase is produced.


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    Don’t commit your money in community low-cost present shops. Learn what your journey place is famous for, and select a good quality object or two. While, gift item stores can be cheaper, they develop the concept that vacationers don’t know what they’re acquiring and take advantage of it. You are normally offered items that are poorly manufactured and will certainly collapse once you go back home. To avert being swindled by natives, put money into anything of quality.


    Once you have landed a job interview, make certain you arrive earlier. Prior to going to the job interview, know where you will playground, and arrange for any targeted traffic delays that may take place. Make sure you have serious amounts of visit the washroom and appearance the way you look prior to the interview and shut off your mobile phone before you go into the job interview.


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    In conclusion, regardless of what stage of wedding event planning you are in, it is essential that you know what to anticipate. This article previously mentioned given you details that may help you in getting yourself ready for your wedding day. Maintain these suggestions along every step of the working day and enjoy your wedding event!Developing Size At The Gym, Straightforward Methods Of Gaining.


    Choosing to get positive with getting older signifies that you’re reluctant to leave points to opportunity. The ideas you’ve just read through in this article can help you direct a much healthier plus more productive way of life. They will enable you to really fully grasp growing older and what to do to complement the stream as opposed to battling to swim upstream.Good Advice On How You Can Approach Back Pain


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    Make sure you make your palms safeguarded, should you wish to do a little hands-line fishing. Some some soft natural leather safety gloves can help you avoid collection shed. Eliminating the hands and fingers across the 2nd joints can make sure that you is able to do every other tasks without needing to take them away from.
    To assist ensure you are effectively cleaning your tooth change your brush each and every 90 days. Most of today’s toothbrushes come with shaded bristles that reduce after a while. This hassle-free attribute is utilized to assist you to know when it is time to change your tooth brush. When you notice your bristles usually are not changing colours within 3 months, it is still vital that you go on and make positive changes to brush.
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    Do not forget to take away drivers from the automobile insurance strategy. Should you put in a youngster or another individual like a motorist to the prepare, make sure you take them out while they are no longer using that car. In the event you don’t take them out, you might be spending more money than you should be.
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    Consumers ought to check out available residences every time they can. These events are wonderful to tour the properties in the marketplace, understand nearby educational institutions, areas and shopping centers. Listing agents web hosting service these activities are ready to accept talk about the specific features of the attributes and they could be a fantastic resources to discover how encouraged the dealers are.
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