Guillotine Therapy has now merged with Fairlight (RnK), and no, we won’t let go of our WH kinship…  :p


Guillotine Therapy is a French-speaking corporation based out of the depths of Wormhole space. We are an active branch from the Rooks and Kings Alliance who we regularly join up for prime operations with the common horizon that fosters our bonds.


The Guillotine have been living in Wormholes for about three years now, building up our experience of that unique space. We have been dwelling in various categories of Wormholes with different statics, which makes for refreshing dynamics every so often. We never forget to say ‘Hi’ to new neighbours of course: we are in for good fights, preferably spiced up with challenge!

We firmly believe in good will, betterment and optimization, therefore we are always looking forward to new experiences and new strategies. With a unique space also comes a unique set of pilots. The ever-shifting nature of Wormholes requires constant adaptation and a necessary hint of humility. If skill is crucial, the Guillotine as a group holds personalities and behaviours dear, a reason why we choose to remain a small, tight-knit and lively corporation.


Wormhole space might embody the essence of the ‘locus terribilis’, but that is precisely what makes it our home. Demanding, dangerous, yet so exciting and rewarding.



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